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  • How to use Peak Design anchor links on a Fujifilm X100V

    I treated myself to a Fujifilm X100V this summer and I was disappointed I couldn’t directly attach a Peak Design anchor link to it, the body lugs are too narrow.

  • The Steve Jobs Archive

    → We are building programs, fellowships, collections, and partnerships that reflect Steve’s values and carry his sense of possibility forward.

  • iPhone 13 Pro case (revisited)

    Perfect grip and offers a strong protection while not adding too much bulk to what is already a big and heavy phone. It’s easy to slip on, and fits perfectly, not too tight, not too loose. just perfect. The buttons feel sturdy, and leave no space for doubt if it was pressed or not.

  • Nearline in Paros

    We’re off to Paros for a couple of weeks – see you the other side 🇬🇷☀️

  • Back to live performances

    Last night, we were at the BFM to discover “Double Murder” by Hofesh Shechter, performed by Hofesh Shechter Company.

  • Evaluating link rot

    After reading Brian Suda article on link rot, I ran his script on my Pinboard collection, and discovered that around 12% of my recorded links are invalid now.

  • March is back

    It’s chocolate cake month again, eventhough we’ve only baked one for the time being.

  • “911, what is your emergency?”

    → This amazing ad gave me goose bumps…

  • Time flies, but not memories

    Still going strong 25 years later. Happy ❤️ anniversary.

  • The announcement that rules them all

    I remember the January 9th, 2007 MacWorld keynote very clearly, even 15 years later.

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