White balanced 

A photo composition of the aberration creation Photo © Ji-hyé Jung

, we assisted to Emmanuel Eggermont’s new creation Aberration at the ADC.

Emmanuel Eggermont takes us on a beautiful journey through multiple shades of white, painted with light remnants and refractions. Aberration is a journey through a collection of random emotions fading one into the other.

It begins slowly on a slow beat, but soon you are taken in and start to experience a range of mixed feelings from switching contexts : moral, religious, social or even economic.

a departure from what is normal, usual, or expected, typically an unwelcome one.
the failure of rays to converge at one focus because of a defect in a lens or mirror.

It’s very esthetic and the overall white provides a vivid contrast to the emotional colours expressed. I was wholeheartedly taken into his world and the flow of emotions he shared with us. I didn’t see the time go by. Don’t miss it if you are reading this early enough…

Playing at the ADC in Geneva until Sunday January 19th, 2020.
More information is available in the press kit (PDF). Photo © Ji-hyé Jung.

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  • Twenty three and counting

    Time flies, but life with gets richer every day. Happy ❤️ anniversary!

  • Why run a home server?

    My home server acts essentially as a backup and media server. I run Plex and iiTunes on it. It hosts all our music, films, TV shows and home videos, the original copies of our iCloud Photo libraries, my Lightroom master files and all the content of my Dropbox account (just in case).

  • Best wishes for 2020

    Let the world be for you in the New Year full of warmth, joy and friends, and may your home never run out of love and understanding.

  • SiteSucker : a hidden favourite Mac App

    Beyond the essential apps I use on a daily basis such as 1Password, Textmate, PasteBot or SuperDuper, etc. there are a few gems that live in my Application folder that I use on an infrequent basis, but which have followed me ever since I discovered them.

  • Back from England

    My Mum and little sister live in Cornwall, located in the South West of England. It’s a beautiful region and one of my favourite places to be, but it’s not really on Geneva’s doorstep.

  • Apple’s string of disturbing decisions

    Apple, and especially the Macintosh, have played a key role in my professional career since the late 1980. Their attention to detail, alongside with an ethical and user centered approach fascinated me, but the recent string of Apple decisions disturb me.

  • How to get Safari to stream self hosted MP4 via Cloudflare

    I recently had to move a bunch of video files out of Vimeo while I searched for an alternate hosting solution. I chose to keep it as simple as possible, and to use the video element, only to discover that Safari didn’t steam the file when cached by Cloudflare.

  • My favourite phone case

    The Mason M5 Aramid case adds extra protection and grip without degrading the look & feel of the phone.

  • Carte Blanche

    I’ve just finished the Audible version of Carte Blanche, a James Bond novel by Jefferey Deaver, which retrofits James Bond in the 21th century alongside with (some of) today’s technologies, environmental and geopolitical contexts.

  • First ballet of the season

    We attended our first ballet of the season yesterday : Minimal Maximal at the Grand Théâtre de Genève.

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Cambodia — via Bangkok and the Gulf of Thailand

Screenshot of the homepage

So, we are off to South East Asia again. This might be the last time (or not) Emma comes with us. Mathias is off to Myanmar solo, and to Indonesia with Célia this Summer, so we decided to explore Cambodia, eventhough it’s the wet season.