JS Naked Day 

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Following in the footsteps of CSS Naked Day, JS Naked Day will take place on April 24th, to show how the web works without JavaScript.

This initiative stems from Zach’s post on Mastodon suggesting websites should have their JS Naked Day too.

April 24th was the chosen day:

Not to be out punned I suggested April 24th for the HTTP error code 424 - Failed Dependency because your website shouldn’t completely fail if JavaScript is disabled.
– Simon MacDonald in «Introducing JS Naked Day»

Going naked (again)

I love these kind of initiatives. So, I spent half an hour adding a few conditionals to my templates in the same way I did for CSS Naked Day to prevent JavaScript from loading on April 24th (±12 hrs).

I still need to address the few cases where JS is loaded via an embedded component, but the bulk of it will be blocked.

Add your website to the list!

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