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A view of Parikia bay from the Parian Village Hotel laying on a deck chair under a parasol with dotted blue sky as backdrop

It’s been a bumpy ride these last few months, and I can’t wait to unplug and defrag in our favourite spot in the Cyclades.

I’m often asked why I like returning to places I have already visited rather than discovering new towns or regions of the World. I make a distinction between a long weekend, holidays and travelling.

Holidays vs travelling

Holidays (for me) means taking a break:

An extended period of leisure and recreation, especially one spent away from home […]

#time-out #relax #defrag #refuel

Obviously, both notions have a lot in common, but going on holiday will involve less effort, and be more focused on taking a break.

Forgetting the day of the week

Going on holiday will be shorter in time than going on a trip (aka travelling). Holidays last between 10 and 20 days, whilst travelling requires 3 weeks minimum (the more, the better).

It take more than a break for me to forget the day of the week. It depends of the context, but I feel it tend to happen to me between 12 and 16 days. I need about three weks off to properly disconnect from my life at home. Two weeks may be a bit on the short side depending of the conditions in which I leave.

I enjoy returning to places I like, because I like them.

I know what to expect, I usually have a number of favourite restaurants and places I enjoy going back to. I can look forward to meeting up with the people who live there, catch-up with their lives and just enjoy an uncomplicated and relax-full life away from home.

I love travelling

My numerous trips to India in the 1980’s and 90’s involved going back to spots I really liked and felt good about, mixed with discovering new part of the subcontinent.

I use to take between 4 and 7 weeks off. Our last trips to India lasted about a month each, and our USA or Cambodia travels about the same.

Don’t get me wrong, I love travelling. It’s just a question of knowing what’s good for me now, and what resources I can allocate to taking time off.

Right now, I need a break, some uncomplicated day to day downtime, and Paros will provide me with exactly that.

Our break in pictures

Enjoy a few lazy pictures below, or hop over to Flickr for more.

Cyclades 2023

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Paros — Our favourite greek island / 2022

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This year, we took an early summer break in Paros, our favourite Greek island. It was so good to be back and welcomed by our local friends.