About Me / Now — Mar 2022

Self portrait in March 2022

Hello, my name is David Roessli. I am a freelance web designer and developer based in Geneva, Switzerland.

This weblog (and its predecessors) is yet another attempt to solve my multiple online personalities and weblog/rss feeds burnout issues.

It exists just for the sake of writing. The Ø Empty Set david.roess.li is a mix of irrelevant, undocumented, emotional and infrequent posts. They humbly chronicle what is going on in my life, both personal and professional, in no specific order or relevance.

The initial post Welcome to the empty set will give you a few more clues on what this is all about.

Sadly, it appears that not all of my posts made the update/migration process I finalised in 2019.

Do I accept guest posts or backlinks?

No, I don’t accept guest blog posts. As for backlinks, close to all of the requests I receive don’t originate from authors, but from SEO specialists that don’t seem to know what my blog is about… So please don’t ask, as I won’t reply.


I don’t post much on Twitter anymore, favouring Mastodon but the full archive* of my infrequent tweets remains available in Tweetnest.
(*) My API access was suspended on April 15th, 2023.

I also maintain a list of workshops, conferences and events I attended or took part in.


The markup and css can be experimental, so be kind if things breaks or render weirdly, it’s just me fooling around.

Travel Blogs — Tumblr

Choosing Tumblr as a travel blog as been a habit since my trip to South India in 2009. Here are links to my past trips:

Flickr album page
Paros / 2022
Flickr album page
Paros / 2021
Screenshot of the homepage
Cambodia / 2019
Screenshot of homepage
Between Dalmatian Islands / 2018

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