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Peak design Everyday Case

TL;DR; Perfect grip and offers a strong protection while not adding too much bulk to what is already a big and heavy phone. It’s easy to slip on, and fits perfectly, not too tight, not too loose. just perfect. The buttons feel sturdy, and leave no space for doubt if it was pressed or not.

This is an update my fall “iPhone 13 Pro Case” post to include Peak Design’s Everyday Case for iPhone.

Peak design iphone 13 pro case

I was curious about Peak Design’s take on mobile accessories ever since they announced their kickstarter back in October 2020 “Mobile: A phone case that does more, with zero bulk.”, but I resisted the compulsory purchase.

I needed to see and feel it first

So, come the Spring, I bit the bullet and ordered the phone case, the Mobile Tripod and the Out Front Bike Mount.

Part of what was holding me back was the case’s colour, I wasn’t excited by a dark grey and black case, and couldn’t get a clear idea about its thickness. Now I own one, I can say you really need to see it in the flesh and hold it to get the feeling of how well this product is designed.

Peak Design Everyday Case

Overall size is small

I was very surprised by the case’s thickness (2.4mm profile). It’s really thin for the protection it offers. Again, I didn’t realise that before holding it in my hand. The lip isn’t as raised as on Apple’s cases, and doesn’t get in your way when you swipe from an edge.

The sides feel both smooth and grippy, comforting you you that your phone won’t jump out of your hand while taking a picture. They don’t get grubby or sticky either.

The inner and back fabric is soft to the touch and give the case a nice finish, with silvery shades.

MagSafe compatible

A big plus for me is its Apple MagSafe compatibility. It slides into position and holds strong with all the MagSafe chargers I’ve tried.

The iPhone 13 Pro’s big camera bump prevents you from using numerous available Qi and MagSafe chargers, including Apple’s own MagSafe Duo wireless charger travel charger (check out Marques Brownlee’s tweet). The phone just can’t lie flush on the charger, leaving a small air gap which I don’t like at all. Check before you buy. I have a couple of recommendations.

Peak Design’s own mounting technology called SlimLink is amazing. Mounting it is immediate, and feels strong and secure. Releasing it is a breeze too.

Front view of the iPhone with the case. The edges are small and rounded.
The thickness of the edges remains small
Back view of the massive camera bump and its protective lip.
The massive camera bump

Every day use

I’ve been using this case in all sorts of weather and temperatures ranging from sub-zero snow and rain, to over 35°C with sweat, sand and dust. The case has never faulted me (meaning I haven’t dropped it) or got sticky or dirty.

Maybe the only negative is that it tends to attract your pocket’s small dust particle (like all rubbery cases do) and they accumulate around the bottom ridges, in the SlimLink connector or around the camera lenses’ lip. Nevertheless, it’s super easy to clean, so nothing to worry about.

Talking about high temperatures, I get the feeling that iPhone 13 Pro doesn’t fare as well as its predecessors in high temperatures. When the weather gets warm (around 27°C) the screen dims signficantly and the back plate gets warm as soon as you use the phone (never had this issue with the 11 Pro).

I don’t think it has anything to do with this case in particular, but wearing a case in high temperatures most certainly slows the cooling. I’ve been using my phone without a case this summer when the temperatures soared over 30°C.


The Peak Design Everyday Case is currently my favourite phone case. It has a nice feel to it, even with sweaty hands, offers great protection and is MagSafe compatible. Morevover, Peak Design’s range of mobile accessories is amazing. More on those in a later post.

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