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  • iPhone 13 Pro case (revisited)

    Perfect grip and offers a strong protection while not adding too much bulk to what is already a big and heavy phone. It’s easy to slip on, and fits perfectly, not too tight, not too loose. just perfect. The buttons feel sturdy, and leave no space for doubt if it was pressed or not.

  • The announcement that rules them all

    I remember the January 9th, 2007 MacWorld keynote very clearly, even 15 years later.

  • iPhone 13 Pro case

    I upgraded to an iPhone 13 Pro this year, and was confronted with the case dilemma.

  • Impact: iPhone

    Rene Ritchie posted a great video on his Nebula Channel on the way the iPhone impacted his life and those of so many other creators.

  • iPhone 12 mini is too mini for me

    I was thrilled to hear that Apple was going to ship a smaller form factor this year, as my favourite design of all times was the iPhone 4 (and 5 after that).

  • Turn your iPhone into a webcam

    Webcams are hard to find these days, and those on sale are out of price. Check out EpocCam.

  • My favourite phone case

    The Mason M5 Aramid case adds extra protection and grip without degrading the look & feel of the phone.

  • How I upgrade iOS devices

    Friends and family often call me out after an unsuccessful iPhone upgrade, to help them figure out why data is missing or to restore a missing feature. This happens when upgrading devices, or after an unexpected event such as a broken, lost or stolen iPhone.

  • About Swisscom Carrier Bundle 22.1, iOS 9.1 and iPhone 6S battery drain
  • Thoughts on passing your iPad down
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