The announcement that rules them all 

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A close-up of Steve Jobs holding the original iPhone in his left hand with a glowing Apple logo behind

I remember the January 9th, 2007 MacWorld keynote very clearly. I was following it on my 15” MacBook Intel Core 2 Duo and texting its content to a friend travelling in South-East Asia. MMSs took ages to go through (if they did at all) on Edge, or GPRS. Rumours about the iPhone announcement were rampant, and Steve Jobs delivered what was his best keynote in my opinion. A bomb.

It still gives me goose bumps 15 years later…

I had been using a cellphone for close to 10 years when the first iPhone was announced, and have been using one ever since. The original iPhone wasn’t available in Switzerland, but a clever jailbreak enabled the use of foreign cell carriers and I ordered mine through Nextway around the end of 2007.

Since then, Apple has relentlessly introduced new models and new features every year, on the year. This little always connected computer in the pocket changed everything.

Happy birthday iPhone.

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