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Our good friends at Small Technology Foundation (the makers of Better remember? #sigh) have launched a web0 manifesto in reaction to the current #web3 hype.

web3 = decentralisation + blockchain + NFTs + metaverse
web0 = web3 - blockchain - NFTs - metaverse
web0 = decentralisation

[…] web0 is web3 without all the corporate right-libertarian Silicon Valley bullshit

Sign your name and join me in starting the year as you mean to go on: without tolerating any bullshit.

I wasn’t a fan of the Web 2.0 label when it was coined, but it kind of made sense at the time. Now Web 3.0 comes around, and it feels plain stupid*, backed up by people with their own interests and lots of money, who want to make even more money, faster.

(*) are we all going to run our own servers? We already have. Remember the problems of decentralisation in the beggining of the web? It got harder and harder to find anything, until Google came around and sherlocked all the existing directories and bookmark lists…

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