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Selfie hidden behind my Motorola Razor

Gee. I’ve just realised it will be 10 years this spring that I’ve owned a cellphone. Well, several would be more accurate.

While my iPhone was being knocked about in a UPS van somewhere, I began to try and remember the different cellphones I previously owned. Here is the fruit of my 15 minutes ADD exercice.

Alcatel something
Can’t remember the model number. It was slightly rounded at the bottom, compact, and had a telescopic arial I use to pull out with my teeth (yeah, okay, it was 10 years ago after all). I was on pay as you go scheme at the time. I believe I also paid incoming calls a fee. Sold it to a pal when I switched to Nokia.
Nokia 8110
Remember that tag line “There isn’t a strait bone in the body”? Well this was the banana shaped Nokia. Loved it. Featured in the Matrix, but didn’t actually have the spring load cover like in the film.
Nokia 8810
I think its code name was Silver beauty. Small and silver, with a retractable keypad. Smart. A personal fav.
Nokia 6210
Efficient. Strong. Never had a phone that lasted as long without charging its battery. Solid state.
Nokia 6310i
Same than above, but was supposed to be internet compatible. Never found out how, but it did have Bluetooth I believe.
Nokia 7110
The one with the roller and the spring load cover (big personal fav the sping loader when dared to use it in public). These were WAP days bubble.
Sony Ericson T68i
My first Sony cellphone. My first cameraphone too (you clipped it on the bottom of the phone. These were the iSync prehistoric days. Loved this baby.
Sony Ericsson T610
Decent, but didn’t leave much of an impression. iSynced better though. Build in cam.
Sony Ericsson K700i
Well, my first attempt at unlocking a phone myself. All I managed to do was to brick it. What can I say.
Motorola V3
Razr. My all time fav. The design is awesome. Still working with a new battery. UI sucks, but the looks are great.
Motorola V3i
Beefier than the V3, but suffers from the same UI inconsistencies. Very reliable though. I’m actually using it until my iPhone is delivered next Monday.
Nokia N95
Compulsive. This beast does everything. Bought it compulsively last summer when I heard the iPhone wouldn’t be available in Switzerland before 2008 and before the jailbreaker’s valse kicked in. An achievement, but way too fat and bloated. eBayed it six months later. Sold in 10 minutes.
Apple iPhone
What can I say? Should get it on Monday.

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Comments and responses

  • 21 Mar 2008

    Nokia lover then..
    My first was a Swatch one, heavy and huge filled with green led.
    Then always Motorola (8200, 8400, Star Tac, M60, V300, Peeble and now Ming) with two extras: Ericsson T68i and Sony Ericsson something-model, the one with the oled display outside.
    A hystory in phones… what a time =)

  • 21 Mar 2008

    You bet ;)
    I would have loved a StarTAC… I keep an eye open on eBay – but they are rare and few apart…

  • 21 Mar 2008

    Still have a working one, perfect and no damages on the display.
    When’s you bday? =P

  • 22 Mar 2008

    Waow – thanks :)
    Hey, don’t you want to keep it? It’s a collector…

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