How to use Peak Design anchor links on a Fujifilm X100V 

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Fujifilm X100V with a Peak Design black leash

I treated myself to a Fujifilm X100V this summer and I was disappointed to discover I couldn’t directly attach a Peak Design anchor link to it, the body lugs are too small to fit an anchor link (1).

Fujifilm stock D-rings

I tried using the triangular split rings (D-rings) that came with the camera, but the anchor link slid along the triangle side and made the setup feel clunky.

Peak Design oval rings

The oval split rings that came with my Peak Design strap did the job nicely, and I thought I’d solved my issue, but it turned out that in certain situations the ring could rotate to an awkward angle making the setup feel clunky again.

Double knot

That’s when I realised that a wider knot (2) would prevent the anchor from sliding along the side of the D-ring, so I doubled the cow hitch loop knot to make it wider, reducing the chances it would slide from one triangle side to the other.

I was concerned that the anchor might not be long enough for a easy removal of the strap, but it works just fine.

Adding my unused Nikon protective ring caps reduces even more the lateral movement, and gives the setup a nice and sturdy finish.

Note: there is a stainless steel tube in the lug that can be easily removed, making the hole wider, but I don’t recommend going that route. That cylinder is there for a reason.

(1) I have v4 anchor links (PD logo only on 1 side). You might be able to thread a v3 through the lug, but they are discontinued (how to differentiate anchor link versions).

(2) inspired from Ben Mendis’ tip.

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