Peak Design’s Micro Clutch + FujiFilm’s X100V - perfect match 

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Fujifilm X100V with Peak Design's Micro Clutch

My KickStarter Peak Design Micro Clutch arrived yesterday, and it’s a brilliant piece of gear.

In order to accommodate a wide range of camera bodies, the Micro Clutch comes in two versions. I ordered the I-Plate version for my FujiFilm X100V.

Comfortable and secure

As advertised, it’s a small, lightweight hand strap that is designed to be comfortable and secure when attached to mirrorless camera bodies. It is made from durable nylon webbing and features a padded, adjustable wrist strap. It’s sleek, minimalistic, and constructed from high-quality materials.

True to their word, it felt immediately comfortable and secure.

Magnets all around

This product comes with a magnetic Tripod Plate that aligns itself on the plate if you want to secure it to a tripod or a Capture Clip.

The hidden tool for tightening and loosening the plate attaches with a magnet too #amazing.

The magnets are super strong and perfectly aligned to suit their function. I like seeing Peak Design make more and more use of them (my first encounter was the tightening tool of the Mobile Tripod.

Swapping batteries

Attaching the Micro Clutch to your camera is a pretty straightforward process, and quickly removing it is even simpler.

To adjust the length of the Micro Clutch, simply pop out the notch, adjust the length, pop it back in, and tuck away the loose strap.

One full turn of the fastener screw with the magnetic included tool will allow you to slide and detach (or attach) the plate as needed.


The plate offers an anchor attachement point, so I can still use a strap if needed.
See my previous post for a tip to attach Peak Design’s anchors.

Anyway, those are my first impressions. Make sure to check-out Peak Design’s (always) great videos to learn all about the Micro Clutch.

* Happy birthday Penny ❤️

2023-08-05 update: Nate of Peak Design produced a cool TikTok video on how to best adjust the Micro Clutch, fix the tripod plate and anchors. There’s also a brand new help page that goes with it.

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