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Playdate in its box - have fun!

Yay! My Playdate arrived today! As I didn’t place my order immediately, so I was relegated to group 4.

I subscribed to the waiting list in May 2019, but as I wasn’t sure it was for me, I only placed my order on the 1st of August 2021. It took 2 years to get here, but it was worth the wait.


For those who have never heared of the Playdate, it is a quirky and charming handheld game console created by Panic. Picture a small, yellow device with a retro vibe, featuring a black and white screen and a distinctive crank on the side. Yes, a crank! This isn’t your typical gaming gadget.

The Playdte in its yellow box with the bumper sticker “Honk if you are in Group 4“
Unboxing the Playdate

What makes Playdate unique is its combination of simplicity and innovation. It’s not trying to compete with the latest gaming powerhouses; instead, it embraces a minimalist design. The crank isn’t just for show – it’s a functional input method that adds a new dimension to gameplay. Games are delivered in a season format, and the surprise element is part of the fun. The device encourages a sense of curiosity and discovery, offering a refreshing take on gaming in a world dominated by high-tech consoles. It’s a pocket-sized delight that’s both whimsical and genuinely enjoyable for those seeking a different gaming experience.

Pure joy

The Playdate is a beautiful object I keep wanting to pick up. The materials are soft to the touch, and its size is surprising! It’s so thin, but nice to hold. The screen is super sharp but requires good lighting to be useful, and my eyes aren’t getting any younger too.

The user experience is amazing. From the onboarding to the game selection and navigation.

Playdate booting in my hand
Onboarding animation

Once you set up your Playdate, you’ll start to receive two brand new games… every week. For 12 weeks. The power button with flash purple to indicate new games.

Sept update: as a casual gamer, needless to say I’ve hardly had time to try them all out, but my two favourites are a puzzle game and a one-button endless runner (not unlike Canabalt),

Omaze gamecard
Whitewater Wipeout gamecard
Whitewater Wipeout

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