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  • First ballet of the season

    We attended our first ballet of the season yesterday : Minimal Maximal at the Grand Théâtre de Genève.

  • Goodbye Pair Networks

    While the days are shortening and the rain falls quietly outside, I’m feeling a pang nostalgia as I’m about to close my last client accounts hosted at pair Networks.

  • Edward Snowden on The Joe Rogan Experience show

    Edward Snowden is the guest of episode #1368 of The Joe Rogan Experience talking about his newly released book “Permanent Record”.

  • Bangkok old town through sketches

    I love watercolour sketches and I find them perfectly suited to travel logs. I discovered “Bangkok old town through sketches” by Pitirat Yoswatana while we were visiting the Bangkok Art & Culture Center) last August.

  • Tracker-free site

    In a recent post, Garrett Dimon talks about how he quit using analytics on his personal site, and how he hasn’t missed it or even need it.

  • QiFi your Wi-Fi

    In a recent TidBITS article by Glenn Fleishman, I discovered how to securely generate QR Codes online.

  • How to enjoy Instagram ad-free

    Save Instagram’s progressive web app to your home screen to get rid of ads (for now).

  • Remembering Steve Jobs

    Steve Jobs passed away 8 years ago today.

  • Free S/MIME certificates in 2019

    If you need a S/MIME certificate, avoid purchasing it from Sectigo. If it’s for your personal use, prefer Actalis.

  • Universal Machine

    Universal Machine is a meditation on the ultimate fate of humanity’s relationship with technology.

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