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  • Back to live performances

    Last night, we were at the BFM to discover “Double Murder” by Hofesh Shechter, performed by Hofesh Shechter Company.

  • Back to Flickr

    I’m happy to be back on Flickr fulltime.

  • I ♥ publicité - really?

    I received a strange letter signed by Michael Nägele and Andreas Urben of the Swiss Post last week, containing a pack of stickers “I ❤️ advertising” or “Feed me with advertising” in an effort to motivate people to remove their “No advertising please” notice from their letter boxes.

  • Pinboard reaches out to its oldest users

    Pinboard is a social bookmarking website that was inspired by del.icio.us’s model of a non-hierarchical classification system in which users could tag each of their bookmarks with freely chosen index terms.

  • A Brave New World

    How will things be after this strange new normal? Is there a chance that our economic system and values will change after this world crisis? Will our daily lives be transformed? Can the world be rebuilt differently and yield a more humane economy?

  • D’Entreprendre, mon cœur s’est arrêté - Emmanuelle Duez, à l’USI

    I am always impressed by Emmanuelle Duez’s clarity and vision, and this talk is more relevant than ever in this global pandemic and economic downturn.

  • Goodbye Patricia Plattner
  • Performance Web 2016
  • Sorry
  • #jesuischarlie
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