Lift 10 — Wed afternoon sessions 

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Back at Lift. This is my 4th edition and the vibes are still as good. The workshop formula has changed this year: instead of concentrating the workshops over the Wednesday preceding two days of conferences, they are spread out over the mornings of three days, the afternoon's being dedicated to the conference sessions.

A lot of things are happening this year. Check out the program. Lift Experience. I'll try to share my thoughts over the course of the following three days. Just for the fun of doing it.

The recorded videos and live stream are available on


  • Here come Laurent and Nicolas to deliver their welcome note.
  • Conference monitoring using hash tags #lift10 for feedback #like #unline #meet via blogs and Twitter feeds.

After the conference, adopt a table on display. The student will have a party with whatever you give for it.

Short presentation of HEAD by Jean-Pierre Greff, Director of the Geneva University of Art and Design. Fifteen artists present their work. HEAD designed the entire floorshow scenography and signaletics. Vernissage Thurs 18:30 and guided visit at 19:30.


  • Don't badge hunt - let serendipity work its magic
  • Go to presentations outside your field
  • Take a break from the program
  • Leave your email alone
  • Smile

On screen: a Michael Jackson spirit remix video.

More coming up

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