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Are you having trouble posting to your weblog? I've been posting more or less frequently since I launched my first weblog back in February 2000. But I've never closed it. Moreover, I've always had things I wanted to share, expand, develop, publish. So what happened on the way? Lack of time. lack of motivation? Loss of self confidence? A bit of everything probably.

My copy of MarsEdit has over 40 draftsí¢â‚¬Â¦ ridiculous. I need to find what it takes to come back posting online. To share, expand, develop my ideas. Be it just for myself.

I post to Instapaper, Delicious, Flickr, Twitter, Instagram or even Facebook, but it's not the same. Posting to your own weblog establishes your own canonical version of your ideas. Why publish your thoughts on some platform you don't control? Jeremy has some interesting ideas on the topic of "webmentions". Close your comments on your weblog, and set the trackbacks (or webmentions) to track the conversation on other weblogs

I think I'll leave my comments open. I don't have that many anyway. I want to post more. More often. Like before. Steph launched the 10-Day «Back to Bloggingí¢â‚¬Â Challenge which embodies the idea.

Welcome back, hello again.

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