the empty set


Mad and screaming

The world can be a sick place.

Walking back from the supermarket, I met our 96 years old neighbour, a sweet lady (Ms H) I've known most my life. Smiling and positive, she poddles on as best she can. She wouldn't harm a soul.

The reverse isn't true.

Last Thursday, she was greeted in the street by a young women who called her by her name, hugged her and started to recall memories of times passed together. Ms H, couldn't seem to remember who the young woman was, but agreed to let her walk her home, and carry her day's shopping.

Arrived home, the young woman carried the shopping through to the kitchen while chatting and distracting Ms H from the front door. That was enough time for an accomplice to let himself in and grab whatever he could.

It turns out Ms H gave the young woman a box of chocolates, walked her back to the door and thanked her for a help, before noticing that all her jewelry was gone.

No physical break in, or picked lock, or broken window. Just a lifetime confidence in Man and life shattered to smithereens.

Be warned you guys, we're looking out for you. Watch your backs.

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