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  • Make Something Wonderful

    → The Steve Jobs’ Archive has published “Make Something Wonderful, Steve Jobs in his own words”.

  • Carte Blanche

    I’ve just finished the Audible version of Carte Blanche, a James Bond novel by Jefferey Deaver, which retrofits James Bond in the 21th century alongside with (some of) today’s technologies, environmental and geopolitical contexts.

  • Bangkok old town through sketches

    I love watercolour sketches and I find them perfectly suited to travel logs. I discovered “Bangkok old town through sketches” by Pitirat Yoswatana while we were visiting the Bangkok Art & Culture Center) last August.

  • Reverse-engineering the algorithms of romance
  • «Taking Your Talent to the Web» is now a free downloadable book

    This book was initially published in 2001, and it took me ages to find a copy as it was out of print when I discovered its existance. Eight years later, most of the advice and vision remains true and spot-on.

  • Waiter Rant