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I’ve just finished the Audible version of Carte Blanche, a James Bond novel by Jefferey Deaver, which retrofits James Bond in the 21th century alongside with (some of) today’s technologies, environmental and geopolitical contexts.

The plot is worthy of a good Ian Fleming’s story, taking place at a rapid pace over a week in different countries and on two continents. You also get glimpses into James Bond’s childhood through a subplot on a KGB operation that might or might not have involved his parents. In my opinion, this is as close as one can get to a real Ian Fleming’s story.

What made me want to share this story is the stellar performance of the narrator Toby Stephens who brings the whole story alive through his brilliant interpretation of the different characters. Such talent set me off looking for other books he narrated.

Book cover
Alternative book cover
Alternative book cover
Alternative book cover

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