Bangkok old town through sketches 

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I love watercolour sketches and I find them perfectly suited to travel logs. I discovered “Bangkok old town through sketches” by Pitirat Yoswatana while we were visiting the Bangkok Art & Culture Center last August. I hesitated to buy it on the spur of the moment, and regret it later. It’s not easy to find it online, but luckily for me, the good people of Asia Books agreed to ship it to Switzerland, and I have been enjoying it since.

It’s a delightful mix of lots of sketches of different part of Bangkok’s old town, a city guide (with beautiful hand drawn maps), a recipe book and an initiation to sketching. The texts are both in English and Thai.

Pitirat Yoswatana is a very talented young artist, passionate about sketching and sharing her work and experiences. Her paintings transport me back to Bangkok in a flash.

Roofscape of Wat Rachanaddaram
Roofscape of Wat Rachanaddaram
Golden Mountain
Golden Mountain viewd from Wat Saket
Street map of the Golden Mount area
Street map of the Golden Mount area
Bangkok window
More maps and folding out pages

Video: check out Pitirat Yoswatana browsing through her book.

Photo ot the book “Bangkok old town through sketches”
Bangkok old town through sketches

วาดพระนคร, Bangkok Old Town through Sketches, can be found in every Asia Books stores.
ISBN: 9786164458475

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