My favourite podcast of 2020 : 20 Macs for 2020 

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A smiling original Mac Plus 512

I love the Mac, and I love reading or listening to people who love the Mac.

Over the course of this Summer, Jason Snell at Six Colors announced his project to,

“[…] construct a list of the 20 most notable Macs in history.”

Not the best, or his favourite Macs, but those which reflect the history of the Mac line the best, because they were popular or weird, revolutionary or have an interesting story.

Needless to say it got me excited and looking forward to reading Jason’s essays as soon as he introduced “20 Macs for 2020.

Jason’s project didn’t only include an essay a week, but a video serie posted to 512 Pixels on YouTube, and a companion podcast which has turned out to be my favourite podcast of the year.

I only started to listen to it a few days ago, but have binged listened to it since.

It was fascinating to listen to Jason and his guests discuss the Macs I used or owned over time. The Mac IIx (my first full time Mac at University), the Mac SE/30 and Mac Cube (both acquired on eBay later), the Mac IIsi (the first Mac I could afford to buy) and all the others that followed up to the MacBook Pro 13” (Intel 2020) I’m writing these lines on.

The Mac and its design philosophy (not necessarily Apple’s), have shaped who I am and how I work for over 30 years now, and I couldn’t be more excited by what lays ahead with the new M1 system on a chip.

PS: WIRED posted a piece in 2004 entitled “The 20 Macs That Mattered Most”.

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