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During ’s Apple Event, Apple presented a great movie clip on the people behind the Mac that reminded me of the Think Different campaign. Beautiful.

Hm. It looks like Apple has removed this video from YouTube. Check-out the full event video at 3:35.

Apple introduced its first Macs based on the M1 system on a chip (SoC) which kinds of blows my mind. The speed and battery-life boosts Apple is claiming are impressive. I can’t wait to read the reviews.

Looking at the specs, it got me wondering if the M1 chip can only handle 2 Thunderbolt3/USB4 lanes. The three Macs they introduced all had the same number of USB4 ports : 2. The Mac mini offers a couple of extra USB-A ports (horizontally aligned), which is significantly less than the previous model, and a bit poor for a desktop computer, no? It’s consistent with the cheaper Intel models it replaces though.

The M1 is a “first step” into a “family of chips” that will power future Mac models.

All RAM configurations top up at 16Gb, which also might be a limitation of the M1 chip. I’m excited to discover how apps will perform regarding to their memory usage and requirements. We have to unlearn all our Intel based ways of thinking.

Early days. Exciting times (well, sort of).

I was happy to see Panic’s Nova featured in the event, while no being part of the App Store 😊 and John Hodgman closing the show was a blast, and a fun nod to another popular campaign from Apple.

2020-11-18 : the reviews are coming out. Mindblowing.

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