Your 20 Macs 

Wired has a paper on the 20 Macs that mattered most. Time to reflect. One generation melting into the next, you quickly forget the fun and frustrations of one generation over the next.

I've managed to keep the most significant Macs I was lucky to work on (with?), with in mind to reinstall a System 6 (or 5, or 1?) one of these days. What is your Mac ? The one which enlightened you - or infuriated you ? I believe it was the Mac II for me. It felt like a giant leap at the time. I never did had the cash to buy a Mac mid-eighties, buy my lab owned a Mac II, IIx, then a Mac IIfx.

That was the time when I really dived into the Mac, experienced frame grabbing (GENLock remember?), Object Oriented programming, ResEdit and MacBugs. Magical times, when I had the time to explore, discover and experiment - night after day after night.

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