Out in the cold 

Whoosh. I was left out in the cold today. My ADSL line was down since 8am until past 3:30pm. Apparently, it was related to a Network-Outage BBCS/ADSL - what ever that means. Local providers are never very explicit, nor willing to give to much details. There was a 15 minutes wait for the phone support line, so I didn't insist.

The whole of Geneva (022) was down. (check out www.allo.ch ADSL forum for live reactions).

So I managed my way through the day with my cellular GPRS connection. The modem script was a fiddle to customise, but it eventually worked - until I lost the DNS settings, or rather until they weren't set automatically anymore during the connection init. Then I gave up and reverted to tidying up Tara (Mac OS X Server) and sorting out my project files while watching the "Italian Job" in DivX.

While digging online for more info once back online, I fell on this press release from Sunrise:

Sunrise ADSL – largeur de bande désormais doublée et prix baissé

Non contente de doubler la largeur de bande de ses offres ADSL, sunrise, à compter de la mi-février 2004, en baisse parallèlement le tarif; faisant ainsi profiter sa clientèle privée des avantages de l’Internet à haut débit grâce à des largeurs de bande nettes de 600/100 Kbps, de 1200/200 Kbps et aussi 2400 /200 à des conditions plus avantageuses que jamais. La taxe de base mensuelle pour sunrise ADSL 600 est fixée à CHF 49.-- Le prix pour ADSL 1200 est revu à la baisse et fixé à CHF 69.– à la place de CHF 79. -- Les nouvelles offres aux nouveaux tarifs remplaceront les largeurs de bande ADSL actuelles de 300/50 Kbps et 600/100 Kbps. Rappelons encore que sunrise offre à ses nouveaux clients le modem ADSL et les frais uniques de mise en service jusqu’à la fin de l’année.

The prices and details can be found on Sunrise's website <http://internet.sunrise.ch/fr/adsl/ads_pro_info.asp>. That announce made it up a little. I'll be surfing at 2400/200 in February for CHF 98.-/month ;)

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