More battery woes 

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My iPad Pro open in its Smart Keyboard Folio

After my Kindle, another of my favourite devices is showing signs or wear and tear: my 2nd generation iPad Pro 11”.

I love my iPad, and it works like a charm. But it needs to be charged more and more frequently.

Battery design capacity close to 80%

Its battery life is becoming capricious when not in airplane mode. If I don’t charge it on a daily basis, its battery level is under 10%, or plain dry.

Coconutbattery show a design capacity close to 80%. Last time I was in the Apple Store, I enquired regarding a battery swap, and was told that it was possible when the design capacity drops below 80%. I was also told that they don’t change iPad batteries, but swap the device for a refurbish one.

I have already swapped this model once while still under warranty as the volume buttons became unresponsive.

Coconutbattery ipad report screenshot showing the design capacity close to 80%
Design capacity close to 80%

Smart Folio Keyboard peeling

On another front, the Smart Keyboard cover is slowly peeling to oblivion. I have started to notice connection issues, when the OS doesn’t recognise there’s a keyboard attached and displays the on-screen keyboard.

Lower left outer corner of Smart Folio Keyboard peeling
Lower left outer corner
Top left inner corner of Smart Folio Keyboard peeling
Top left inner corner
Top right inner corner of Smart Folio Keyboard peeling
Top right inner corner

This kind of wear and tear sucks. It has nothing in common with patina. I take care of my gear. It wasn’t left out in the cold, or under the rain or in the sun, nor was it exposed to UVs, and I always transport it snuggled in my backpack. It’s the relative lack of durability of the material chosen by Apple which is to blame.

I can live with patina, scratches, worn out marks, and I suppose peeling – for as long as it doesn’t impair the keyboard use. If the connection issue gets worse, I’ll be really angry.

It seems I’m not alone experiencing this issue.

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