How heavy Is the new iPad Pro (M4) 11-inch? 

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My faithful iPad Pro’s dwindling battery life gave me an excuse to order an iPad Pro 11” (M4) last week.

On the go

The iPad Pro has become my on-the-go computer for almost the last decade. The one I travel with, sort my photos, manage my accounting (in part), take notes at meetings and conferences, watch films and shows, browse the web, read, write and draw. I don’t code on my iPad, but I manage websites and hosting issues, and it has cellular which makes all the difference.

Light, but heavy at the same time

I carry it around in the Smart Keyboard Folio (which is also having connection issues), and at under 780g it’s manageable. The Magic Keyboard case is more comfortable to type, provides backlighting and looks amazing, but it’s so heavy, that I’d rather take my MacBook Pro with me.

Weight and battery life are key factors for a mobile device, which ideally (for me) should be under 500g and provide all day battery life. we’re not quite there yet if you want a keyboard included in the mix.

Sweet 11 inches

I was a fan of the 11” MacBook Air… For me, the 11 inch form factor has always been my favourite iPad on-the-go size. The larger size is too close to MacBook size and too bulky to carry them together.

Apple hasn’t announced a Smart Keyboard Folio for the new iPads, and according to rumours, that product was riddled with issues. The exterior fabric started to peel off, and connection issues have plagued it since its inception. Apparently, there was a secret 3 year exchange program for it. I’ll regret it. It was water resistant, light and perfect for typing on the road.

The new Smart Folio case is lighter than is predecessor and well designed. Instead of having only 1 viewing position, it offers 3 angles depending on which row of magnets you clamp it to. Very clever.

Three viewing angles -- image by Apple
Three viewing angles – image by Apple

I ordered the new Magic Keyboard and a Smart Folio case for my iPad, thinking of those times I won’t want to carry the extra weight, and just use the iPad as a tablet.

But how do the weights compare?

If the Magic Keyboard case turns out too bulky, I’ll return it and consider using my small Magic Keyboard instead. Eventually with the Magic Trackpad.

(g) A12Z M4
iPad Pro 11” 475 450 -25 (5%)
+ Magic Keyboard Case 1075 1028 -42 (5%)
+ Smart Folio 875 653 -222 (25%)
+ Smart Keyboard Folio Case 778
+ Smart Folio + Magic Keyboard 1121 898 -120 (10%)
+ Smart Folio + Magic Keyboard + Magic Trackpad 1353 1130 -223 (16%)
+ Smart Folio + Magic Keyboard + Magic Mouse 1221 998 -223 (16%)

It turns out that the new iPad weights less in all combinations than the previous model.

I regret the Smart Keyboard Folio option. The closest I can get to that with the new iPad would be the Smart Folio + Magic Keyboard combo, weighing 120g more. Not unreasonable.

Considering that the iPad with the Magic Keyboard weights almost the same as the combo iPad + Smart Folio case + Magic Keyboard and Trackpad, I’ll probably stick with that. One compact device, albeit a little too heavy for my taste.


The Logitech Combo Touch for iPad Pro 11-inch (M4) weights 474g (104g lighter and Fr 120 cheaper than Apple’s). I like the detachable keyboard idea which seems inspired by Apple’s Magic Keyboard Folio for iPad (10th gen).

That might be a solution for some, but I think I’ll stick with the Magic Keyboard and see how that pans out for me.

Weight of individual devices
Item weight (g)
Magic Keyboard Case (M4) 578
Smart Folio (M4) 204
Smart Folio 400
Smart Keyboard Folio 297
Magic Keyboard (Touch ID) 246
Magic Trackpad 232
Magic Mouse 100
MacBook Pro (M1 Pro) 14” 1618

Yes, Apple’s product naming is confusing…

(1) My iPad Pro (A12X/2018) got replaced via AppleCare in 2020 (A12Z) due to failing volume buttons.

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  • 24 May 2024

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  • 20 May 2024

    @davidroessli thanks for this! I was considering between the 11” Air and Pro but heard that the magic keyboard was significantly lighter - seems like that’s not the case (just 5% difference). Will just stick to the Air, screen and performance is more than enough for me

  • 20 May 2024

    @zainichia you’re welcome Zaini, I hesitated to go Air, but I keep my iPads for so long, I decided to splurge. Good choice though.

  • 20 May 2024

    @davidroessli I currently have the Logitech Combo Touch for my 2020 iPad Pro. Ive ordered the same for my M4. The Magic Keyboard lacks a slanted position for drawing/notetaking and that’s an dealbreaker for me.

  • 14 Jun 2024

    On my last trip to Paros, I decided to travel light in terms of tech gear. No tech pouch full of cables, adapters and chargers (I love my tech pouch).

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