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As a followup to the Animoto's post, I have just discovered the Animoto iPhone application (iTS link). A nifty little application that lets you build free 30 seconds long videos from images stored on your iPhone.

Select 8 or 16 images from your image library, upload them, reorder them, choose a soundtrack, click «Render» and Bob's your uncle! Animoto will render your video online freeing you from having to wait stuck on your iPhone's screen.

Once rendered, it is available via the «My Videos» section of the Animoto app. Like the online version, you can remix, reorder, change the soundtrack or share it via e-mail.

If you have an Animoto account, you can post it to your weblog or embed it wherever you like online. I found no way (for the moment I imagine) to link to your Animoto's account from the iPhone app.

The user interface is well designed and easy to use. Selecting the images is maybe the weakest point if you have the sound turned off on your iPhone. You select an image by tapping it, but there is no visual feedback other that a incrementing counter at the top of the screen to tell you that this photo has been selected. There is audio feedback when you select an image, but no clear visual feedback. Other than that, it is slick.

animoto_iphone02_tm.png animoto_iphone03_tm.png

Mobile fun in perspective :)

Yes, okay, I don't quite know why I didn't see it when I posted my previous entry, as the app has been available since Dec, 23rd.

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  • 29 Jan 2009

    Great site, i like soo much all that blog.. make me the inspiration for make my own.

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