LIFT 2008 

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Back to the LIFT conference for the first day of conferences. As last year, I dodn't manage to attend the workshops, or at least not in a serious fashion, but I'm here for the full two days of conferences and events.

This time I shall try to live blog this event as the conditions are optimal. My previous attemps all failed due to bad wifi, not enough space, lack expertise in taking notes this way. I usually revert to my notebook after the first talk. Lets try to do better this time.

The conference hall at the CICG is slowly fulling up. There's twice as much room as last year, and the conference blog states they are fully booked, so social networking should be fun. The badge is also twice as large, lets hope the vibes will be twice as strong. A large TSR team ( is here to capture the events and will be online only hours after they delivery. There's live translation too. Wicked. The videos with meta data wil be available on the LIFT website too at

I've organised my live blogging by sessions:

More elsewhere:

Check out the LIFT Conference 2008 Speaker Presentation produced by Bread and Butter:

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