Earth Hour 2008 

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A couple a days ago, a tweet from my friend Madhava attracted my attention:


I followed it and discovered the Earth Hour project. Last year, Australian WWF organized the original Earth Hour during which over 2.2 million residents of Sydney (of which 2100 Sydney businesses) simply turned off their lights for one hour. The visual effect was stunning. The result was immediate: apparently in that one event alone, Australia saw a 10% reduction in use of its power grid. In CO2 terms, that's the equivalent of taking close to 50'000 cars off the road for an hour.

In a world so dependent on electricity and energy-consumption, we need to collectively remind ourselves of what we're doing and how we need to change.

Earth Hour is back in 2008 as a global movement. Turn out your lights on March 29, 2008 at 8pm (in each time zone) wherever you are. You have the chance to become part of Earth Hour's environmental movement. Sign up at the Earth Hour website and create awareness where you are.

Seeing was believing. Make a difference, sign up for Earth Hour.

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