Days like this 

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Something is technically wrong

Days when things just go wrong, haywire, off target, awry, out of order. Murphy is never far, add a pinch of procrastination and the day has come and gone. The Todos remain, the sun sets and it's time to go and pick up the boy and get the dinner ready.

Tomorrow is another day. Another day with a little more adrenaline, new resolutions, a start-it-all-over meeting that will take up most of the afternoon. Tomorrow is Friday.

Sometime it just doesn't come out as it should. Lack of energy, lack of inspiration, lack of motivation, ADD, I don't know.

Sometimes the flow isn't there, or doesn't flow as it should. Where it should. The energy just isn't directed towards the day's goals. Instead, it runs as a rebel uncovering new ideas, workarounds, algorithms, opportunities. It takes the shape of an over-detailled explanation, an in-depth demo, an over-zealous support session.

I like what I do, really, but sometime the time isn't the right time, harmony is wanting. Unfortunately, dead-lines are rigid and unforgiving. Tomorrow will be a day of smiles, explanations and reassuring words.

Turn on, tune in, drop out.

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