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Austin Mann's calendar showing the month of June (Cinque Terre, Italy)

The month of June has always been my favourite month of the year as far back as I can remember. A kind of pinnacle of the year.

It’s the month when it starts to get warm, when school starts to slow down (and eventually stops with the ‘promotions’ end of the year event), when the perspective of the long summer holiday break starts to become a reality, when my dad used to meet us at the pool after work, when I was able to play outside late in the evening, when the gardener set out the automatic watering system we used to run through (and get soaked), when we linger on terrasses with friends, when it light outside when you get up, and well into the evening, when dressing is not an issue, when ice cream cones or ice lollies seem to flourish everywhere, when the temperature of the lake starts to become bearable, when evenings on the boat start to become a thing again, when strawberries taste like strawberries and you can make a meal out of local fruit and vegetables, when shorts and sunglasses become part of my daily wear.

June is a synonym to fun, easy-going, relax, exciting, let go.

* June is also my birthday month.

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