My second COVID shot 

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Sitting in the vaccination booth holding my vaccination certificate

As planned, I went for my second COVID shot on .

This time, I was in and out in less than 15 minutes.

The triage filtered 1st and 2nd doses, followed by an ID and SMS appointement check. The admin check was brief and to the point, and I was quickly sent to an injection booth. A nurse took care of me in a metter of minutes and after a 5 minutes wait, I was walking out with my certification of vaccination in hand. Amazing.

My previous experience was clearly a fluke linked to the early days of the vaccination center.

The after-effects weren’t.

Vaccination certificate
Moderna vaccine certificate

My initial shot didn’t have any after-effects, barely a sore arm. This time, I woke up around 4am on Sunday shivering and clearly running a fever. I stumbled to the toilets and to get something to drink by which time I was shaking all over, teeth clattering and all. The whiole nine yards.

It would have been comical save for my muscles seizing up as a result to the shaking. I grabbed a sweater (aptly named) and crawled back to bed to my feverish dreams. You know, those stuck in loop or in a recursive function. I hate those – such a waste of dream time.

Anyway, I came to 8 hours of so later, acking all over, right up into my finger joints. I felt like rubbish, or like I’d been thrown under a bus, as some like to say. I was still runnning a 39° fever so I downed some paracetamol and crawled back to bed. Again. And that was my Sunday.

Monday was better. Much better. No more temperature, but I was still feeling cramped and wasted. I forced myself to go for a 5 km power walk to shake it off, but realised I just had to give in. So there went my Monday bank holiday.

, I’m back to normal, both mentally and physically ☀️

It just shows you that sometime there’s no point fighting or feeling frustrated. Give in and let it pass, without judgment.

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* will be on June 5th.

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