Build a better future than the one you thought was certain 

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These are strange times to complete a cursus in. They are devoid of all the little rituals that punctuate the closing of a chapter and the beginning of the next.

Apple CEO Tim Cook delivered Ohio State’s University commencement address last Sunday via the internet.

Tim mentioned how lucky he felt when joining Apple, as he was “going to spend the rest of [his] professional life working for Steve Jobs”,

But fate comes like a thief in the night. The loneliness I felt when we lost Steve was proof there is nothing more eternal, or more powerful, than the impact we have on others.

Referring to the pandemic, he referenced Franklin D. Roosevelt, Amelia Earhart and T.S. Eliot whose lives were marked by challenges related to the Spanish flu.

We can curse the loss of something that was never going to be, or we can see reasons to be grateful for the yank on the scruff of the neck, in having our eyes lifted up from the story we were writing for ourselves and turned instead to a remade world.

Tim closed his address by calling on graduates to,

Build a better future than the one you thought was certain. And in a fearful time, call us once again to hope.

I found Tim Cook’s speech humane, sincere and deeply moving. It felt as if he was talking to his own children #kudos

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