AirPods Pro clicking sound with Noise Cancellation on 

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Early March, my left AirPod Pro started to whistle or click (crackle) when I put it on, before playing anything. , I only have to touch it ever so slightly, to hear a continuous clicking sound.


  • This happens only when Noise Cancellation or Transparency are turned on;
  • It’s unrelated to playing media or using them to pass a call, it only happens when I touch then;
  • It seems related to the AirPod Pro seal: if I remove the seal and put the AirPod in, there is no clicking or crackling sound at all, whatever mode is selected;
  • I’m running AirPods Pro firmware 2D15 on iOS 13.4.1.


As I only manage to secure a Genius Bar appointement at our local Apple Store for Tuesday 26th, I thought I would give Apple Support a go. After a lengthy online chat, I was recommended to clean them and reset them, both of which I’d tried before and neither of which worked.

It seems that an increasing number of people are reporting similar issues on Apple Discussions, Reddit or in YouTube comments (don’t bother watching the videos).

2020-05-28 update : after checking the basics, I was given a new left AirPod Pro on good faith.. This wasn’t the first time the Apple employee had seen this issue.

2020-07-15 update : my right AirPod Pro (w/firmware 2D27) is starting to exhibit the same behaviour my left one did back in March… I’m booking another trip to the Apple Store :/

2020-08-10 update : both my AirPods have been replaced now. Apparently the hardware version remains the same (v1.0.0).

2020-09-02 update : some users have solved the issue by cleaning the Airpods with sticky tape and compressed air…

2020-11-01 : Apple has finally acknowledged tha Airpods Pro issues I described earlier this year and has launched a AirPods Pro Service Program for Sound Issues.

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