Manage your data usage in iOS when travelling 

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Dark skies over a golden beach. A storm is approaching.

We’re off to South East Asia later this month, and depending on the country, the roaming charges are expensive, even if you purchase a data bundle before hand. It turns out that Thailand is part of Swisscom’s World 1, but Cambodia is part of World 2, a more expensive group of countries.

Short of turning data roaming off all together, there isn’t a simple way of monitoring your data use abroad. I wish there was something akin to TripMode for the Mac on iOS… so I maintain a list of checks to perform before leaving :

  • Check Data roaming (add data package or not)
  • Turn off mail push fetch new data and set to manually
  • Check Background updates
  • Change to automatic carrier settings Mobile Data > Mobile Network
  • Check WiFi VPN
  • Turn iTunes auto updates mobile data off
  • Turn Photo Mobile Data updates off
  • Turn Mail mobile data off
  • Turn Maps mobile data off
  • Turn Music mobile data off
  • Turn Video mobile data off
  • Turn Books mobile data off
  • Turn Podcast mobile data off
  • Turn Safari Reading List data off
  • Limit Background App Refresh to Wi-Fi only
  • Check the list of app allowed to use mobile data
  • Turn off iCloud Drive data off (bottom of list)
  • Turn Wi-Fi Assist off
  • Check how apps use Location Services
  • Review Notifications

It reduced significantly my data usage without turning it off completely.

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