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Ten. It has always been a special number to me. In a decimal or binary system. It is the first two digit number you learn.


Ten years. Intimately linked to a gap. Things must happen in ten years. Things must change. One must change. When I was young, ten years felt more like 'never' than 'yesterday'.

The distortion between looking ahead and looking back gets emphasised with time. Looking at the ten years ahead still feels free and vast, eventhough that perception is starting to swirl a bit. Looking back is another story, as my past will soon fall neatly into 5 ten year blocks. Not quite yet, but soon enough.

I remember reaching ten. I had a red bicycle with 5 gears and spent more time on it than on my two feet. Two digits. Waow.

The ten years ahead were irrelevant. My life was partly anchored in a school system, and my future was drawn out. Well, sort of. What I mean by that, is that I didn't worry about it. Here and now was the way to go. The children's way of life. The furthest event I would anticipate was the long summer holidays. Bliss. There was no way I could imagine what I would be doing in ten years, let alone think about the past ten.

Mathias is ten today. Ten years ago at 14:26 CET my life and soul acquired a new dimension and I suddenly became richer. Not rich as in 'wealthy', but as in 'abundant' or 'generous' or 'chockablock with'.

Burned into my memory cells, into the deepest part of my being, what I uncovered that day, nothing or nobody will ever take it way.

Happy birthday Mathias, and thank you for being there.

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