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The Lift Conference 2007 is wrapping up while I write these lines. I didn't manage to attend it as I initially planned to. I was going to spend Thursday and Friday following the conferences and socialising. The reality turned out that I only attended Friday morning's conferences.

Maybe it's a side effect of registering for a conference in your hometown. Maybe one is more susceptible to pick choose who and what you are going to listen to when the conference center is a bus ride away. Maybe one is more prone to give in to workload temptations. Maybe I'm just looking for excuses.

Anyway, the vibes were good. I liked the atmosphere and the crowd. Riding the tram 15 back down to the office, I regretted not spending more time at the CICG mingleling with the mix of designers, developers, content providers, journalists, photographers, academics and so on who attended this year's edition. The mix was rich and colourful.

I barely took he time to walk through the Lift+ hall with my friend Enrique and take a few cameraphone shots of the giant printout productions laying on the floor.

Coming up next in ten days is FOWA 2007 in London. We'll be three of us this time. Attending full time.

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