Yet another WiFi network (yawn) 

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LisList of available wifi networks at the officet of available wifi networks at the office

Another WiFi network appeared in iStumbler this morning, which brings the total to ten. There were two (mine included) back in 2001 when I moved in, and four last summer. I'm actually hooking into private networks from across the road.

I was monitoring my wifi neighborhood to check if the latest Airport Update 2007-001 solved my MBP airport issues, while the C2D airport problems thread on Apple Discussions gets longer and longer.

So far, I've suffered no disconnection, no bandwidth reduction, no wake-up reconnection problem since I installed the update this morning. Fingers crossed.

Update: just when I tried to post this entry, the network dropped. Drats.

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Comments and responses

  • 26 Jan 2007

    Sorry about the signal strength bug you’re seeing in this screenshot, the private AirPort API for newer Macs are sending back bad data and I’ve almost got a new release which fixes the bug ready to ship. Keep an eye out.

  • 26 Jan 2007

    Thanks for your comment and your efforts to provide us with a useful and reliable tool. I really appreciate it.

  • 06 Feb 2007

    iStumbler release 98 solves the signal strength issue on Core 2 Duo Macs.

  • MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo WEP problems fixed?

    Apple released an Airport Update 2007-002 that fixes connection problems that were nagging MacBook and MacBook Pro users ever since the release of the MacBook Pro C2D. Contrary to the previous one released earlier this year. This update also…

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