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Norah Jones Not Too Late

I downloaded the pre-release of Norah Jones' latest album "Not to late" from the iTunes Store this morning. It is her third album, and I was waiting for it since "Feels like Home" in 2004 and hoping it would enchante my the way "Come Away With Me" did.

It needs to be listened to, again and again, let yourself go with the soft rythms of acoustic guitars and magic jazz arrangements such as the trombone break on "Sinkin' Soon" - unique. I downloaded this album before leaving for the office this morning, but its distinctive sound has already grown on me, as it certainly will with you.

This was a ray of sunshine at the end of a unproductive week. Enjoy.

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  • 05 Jul 2009

    yes, i know, it’s an incredible album. my favorite is the last song “not too late”. it’s just so stunningly beautiful.

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