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I’ve just been given one of the funniest ringtone I’ve happen to hear since I own a mobile phone. Thanks Sergio.

It come as an MP3 file (a little over 2Mb): 07_Radjiv_07.mp3.

I have no idea if I have the right to post it here, so if anyone knows more about the license of this tone, please post a comment and I’ll act accordingly.


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Comments and responses

  • 03 Jan 2008

    Ari Nykänen:

    Could you please send me the 07_Radjiv_07.mp3. -file per e-mail, since I have no idea wether I can download it from your site. Please.
    I´ve been searching for this particular tone for months. I heard it last summer in Switzerland, but my swiss friend lost it.
    I would be very grateful if you could help me! I´m living now in Finland and here it´s unknown.

  • 06 Jan 2008

    @Ari, the file is available from the following URL: http://www.davidroessli.com/logs/assets/audio/07_Radjiv_07.mp3

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