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Mint V2

Shaun Inman has just released Mint v2.0. A major update to what has become an invaluable website usage stats tool.

UI aside, I noticed the following enhancements,

  • full support for IE6+ including admin (lots of clients asked for this);
  • improved page loading time;
  • group your referrers by domain in the referrer pane;
  • no longer tracks identifiable information by default (eg. ip addresses) to prevent conflicts with existing privacy policies;
  • the watched pages display referrers now;
  • searches now list web and images;
  • an RSS feed tracker (Bird Feeder) - haven't tried it as I use FeedBurner.

An extensive list of new features is available, as well as a live demo. There's extensive help online, along with screenshots and screencasts and a new forum.

First impression rocks. Well done Shaun.

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