Going nearline 

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Postcard with a red train running up a mountain

We’ll be taking time off these two upcoming weeks.

Nearline is a term used in computer science to describe an intermediate type of something that represents a compromise between online and offline. Nearline dates back to the IBM 3850 Mass Storage System tape library, which was announced in 1974.

We’ll be open to last-minute opportunities, we might sail-off on the lake for a few days, lay in, eat at restaurants, clean-up, sort-out, dream, walk or cycle, take a train eastwards into Switzerland, catch-up on our movie backlog, drink wine and beer, forget about cooking (or not), sort and process photos (might even print a few), visit friends we haven’t seen for a while, do nothing and feel guilty about it, practice yoga on a daily basis, lay in grass, find shapes in the clouds, try to live in the here and now.


Summer Break 2021

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