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Portrait close-up Β© Lionel Egger Photography /

While this strange year is coming to a close and reflections and resolutions are popping up here and there, I would like to take the time to thank a client who over the years has become a friend, and with whom I share many of my interests and passions (and obsessions) : Lionel Egger.

I first met Lionel back in the spring of 2011 when I pitched for the redesign the ISO website in collaboration with my good friend Andy Clarke.

It turned out we share a similar academic background in Biology, with common interests in ethology and anthropology, and soon discovered that they extended to travel, photography and web design.

Lionel has a keen eye when it comes to design and photography. His personal website denotes his deep acumen and sensitiveness as well as his ability to bond with his subjects. The intrinsic quality of Lionel’s photography goes well beyond its technical aspects, his portraits are especially telling. Many of them reveal a deep and intense connection in a meditative and humane way.

Framed portrait of a young Ethiopian boy  Β© Lionel Egger Photography /
My Christmas present from Lionel 😍

Over the last couple of years, we’ve had the opportunity to work together on various ISO redesigns, attend conferences or just share our views on travel, photography, music, web design and more over a few beers.

Working together on a more regular basis these last months was a motivating and enriching experience. Lionel cares deeply about the details, and strives to find the best solution to the problem at hand. It’s always a pleasure to brainstorm and bounce ideas around, before diving into code and building the component or proof of concept.

I am lucky to count Lionel as a friend, and I am looking forward to our future collaborations and explorations.

Thanks mate 😊

πŸ‘‰ Check out his website at build on Kirby – my another favourite CMS 😎

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