Pina Bausch's Nefés at the BFM 

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The success of the alchemy.

The spirit of Pina Bausch empowered the BFM last weekend. «Nefés» “the breath “was played by the Wuppental Tantztheater.

Emotions flowed freely as early as the opening scene only to rise throughout the show. The dancers were amazing. Each conveying his or hers unique personality, standing out and blending in at the same time.

Love, hate, fright, tenderness, humiliation, ecstasy, doute, friendship, ignorance, passion, pride, belief, instinct, pity, sorrow.

It turned out to be a revelation: the best ballet since we discovered Jiří Kylián (la petite mort) during a previous ballet season.

I'm looking forward to discovering Wim Wender's movie on Pina Bausch.

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