Lost my sunshine 

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Gosh it's wet out there. Wet and humid. It's been raining buckets ever since I got up earlier on. The kind of weather that entices you to snuggle up in bed and forget about the outside world all together. Work up on your bedside book backlog. Get lost in compulsive purchases on the internet. Attempt to sort your music or photo library for the nth time. Backup all your computers. Move the furniture around. Repaint a wall. Listen to the same track over and over while singing out loud. Wishing time travel and teleportation existed. Finishing a whole box of cereales.

I find I sleep deeper and longer when it rains. Don't you?

Tomorrow is a new day without any mistakes in it

Anne of Green Gables

Anyhow, daily logistics and other constraints have decided otherwise. Who knows, one does say that rain has that special cleansing and detox power…

I've lost my sunshine in the rain.

Currently playing in iTunes: When It Rains by Brad Mehldau.

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