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Thin line

Early rise again. Black coffee and code for breakfast. I should be use to these events by now, but there's always the dreaded hardware failure, or worse, software failure, that looms in the back of my mind as the minutes countdown to the announcement launch.

Backup, redundance, resilliance. They are just words when the adrenaline starts racing through my veins as the site rebuilds to produce the set of new pages this is all about. Pages and links which then release on schedule information that was confidential only minutes ago. PDF downloads spreading across the globe, displaying on remote monitors, burning into memory cells, their content being dissected, analysed, recomposed into news releases, editorials, articles, headers, questions.

And there I am, the palms of my hands still wet with the sensory overload. It's 07:30a. Time for breakfast.

Happy birthday Emma.

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  • 22 May 2008

    Alan B.:

    I know that feeling too well.
    Be careful not to get hooked to it though. Adrenaline can be addictive as well as destructive..
    Happy birthday Emma

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