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Morning thoughts

Up early today. Euphemism. Up in the middle of the night rather. 5:30am. Even the birds haven't started to sing yet. I hear the wind blowing. I feel can it. A warm sort of wind. Outside, I can only see three windows with lights on. Fell asleep in front of the telly? A bus driver getting ready for work? Lovers coming from a night out? Insomnia? Bloggers?

I haven't turned the lights on. The house is asleep. I stare at my reflection in the glare of my notepad. Sushi welcomes me in her usual fashion by curling her body through my legs. Still no sound. I turn the kettle on.

It is amazingly warm for this hour. For this time of the year. March 1st.

Raining, but warmish in Geneva, 11°C

I spare a thought for my friend Enrique in Paris on his way home from Thailand, deplaning in blunt neon lighting in colder and wetter weather, tackling his first hurdles back on European soil.

AF173 from Bangkok has landed

There are four lights on now.

Time for another cup of tea while thoughts on today's plan of events started brewing in the rational part of my brain that is awake. The birds have woken up. Happy chirping fills up the darkness, before the crows kick in with their harsh 'caw' call.

It's getting lighter. First sign of human activity. A dog. Followed by his master trailing 20 metres behind, puffing smoke and keying his cellphone. Suddenly, I think of all those SMSs traveling in the air. Back and forth. Imagine if we could see them in the same fashion transcontinental aircrafts leave their fluffy white trail behind them. Scary. Not an iPhone. He's only using his left thumb to interact.

The chirping is back, the crows must have gone back to bed nest. Or gone shopping in neighbouring France as hordes of locals will in the following hours.

This post is really going nowhere. I contemplate just leaving it in my Draft box, with the other forty or so that lay there in limbo. No. Memories of a recent online chat still very much alive, I decide to push it out before my MBP freezes.

Welcome home pal. Happy birthday party Em.

Currently playing in iTunes through my headphones: Soulmate by Natasha Bedingfield.

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