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Warning: the following notes were live blogged on Friday by session, so please forgive the typos and semantic errors, I'll brush it up later and break it up ion separate posts. Some day. Maybe. - I slowed down on note taking sorry. Watch the videos.

This track will be all about the future and present how organizations can identify and explore latest trends.

Scott Smith

Scott Smith (Changeist) and William Cockayne (Stanford, Change research) will both describe concrete foresight methodologies and illustrate them with case studies.

Finding the future around you. "The future is here, it's just not widely distributed" -- William Gibson.

Stop and think. What kind of indicators do we see around us? Blending internal and external. Bringing in more of the human and the social in the thinking of the foresight.

Get out on the street. More desire to keep your eyes open. Make sure to take time. Observe. Think about what you are seeing.

Near future survival guide:

  • be aware
  • scan collect organise
  • look for patterns and deep currents
  • understand the role of values
  • have a view but don't stay locked to it
  • keep your eyes open
  • look for those indicators yourself

William Cockayne

Stanford, Change research

Foresight to innovation

Ambiguity decreases with time, but doesn't reach zero. You retain ambiguity: prepare - sense | form - analyse | integrate - develop | ship in the real world

What is foresight? What is design? Research is in the middle.

Wallow in the data, even before starting foresight. Don't be at a rush.

Sorry, my attention span has suddenly droped. This is a great talk, but I can't seem to be able to synthetise it. Check out the video.

Francesco Cara

Francesco Cara (Design Strategist at Nokia) will provide us insights about the trends in mobile and online behaviors he finds most relevant.

William Cockayne

William Cockayne from our advisory board will take the stage again and give us his impressions and key take aways to wrap up the event.

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