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Turned six

Emma's Bday 2007 - 6 candles on a chocolate cake

Emma turned 6 on Saturday. The events and their build up, that took place almost 2'200 days ago are still cristal clear. It was a Saturday when we shifted from a couple with a child to a family of 4. Time has flown by ever since.

We now share our lives with to little individuals bearing their own personnality and outlook. Fabienne and I have grown richer by the day ever since.

The day started off early with her brother's present offering at 05:30a. We heared whispers and saw torch lights flicker. Mathias wanted to be the first to give his sister a present, and therefore hid it under his pillow before going to bed. They both fell back asleep to wake up in the civilised hours of the morning when Fabienne left for work.

Breakfast was taken with Marita opening the presents from England, and we lazed all morning until Rachel and Jean-Pierre arrived with the sun around midday.

We ice-skated the afternoon away, and went home for the major event and chocolate cakes all together with Ronald, present unwrapping, champagne and lots of laughs.

The evening lingered away chatting and sharing sweet moments with dear friends. How lucky can one get?

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