Bloc Party | A Weekend in the City 

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Bloc Party | A Weekend in the City

I discovered Bloc Party's first album Silent Alarm back in April 2005 while spending a weekend in Berne at Laurent's house. I still remember my surprise and amazement at hearing that spiky guitar rock and Kele's voice that recalled so much of The Cure at their best.

Needless to say I bought the album immediately and have been waiting for the next ever since. The few remixes they released last year weren't up to it, and I was beginning to wonder if it would ever be released.

It was worth the wait. It is a very different album. The first thing you notice are the changes in the voice. It has evolved and sounds much richer. The overall music has evolved from a dry 1980 rock to something more complex, more subtle (listen to the drums e.g.). One's under the impression Kele is trying all sorts of new tricks and effects, and they sound good.

It is an album to listen to. As much as Silent Alarm was a surprise, A Weekend in the City is an experience. There's much more room to breathe. It expands. There's space. The band has metamorphosed into another dimension, and it suits them. It definitively suits me.


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