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I was pleased to discover that Douglas Bowman (Stopdesign) has resumed writing again after a pause of a year or so. I particulary enjoyed the reasons why he stopped and why he is resuming.

So I stopped using my feed reader completely. I let go of the pressure to keep up. I let go and just lived my life.

Stopdesign | Swing low (8 Jan 2007)

I was a regular reader of Stopdesign, it was among the first in my rss aggregator - and still is. But I must admit I failed to understand how Douglas could run Stopdesign, manage his projects and clients, blog and share his knowledge and experience the way he did, participate in numerous events around the world, and have time left to live a life. I couldn't achieve half of what Douglas did.

I fully understand the reasons that lead Douglas to pause his writing activities, and rejoice to the idea that he is resuming them. Moreover, I share the modalities he chose to adopt,

To chronicle the bits and information around me. Short posts or long ones; on-topic or not; doesn’t matter. Just write.

Stopdesign is always very well written, accurate and sensible, I'm glad the emphasis is back on the act of writing. Welcome back Douglas, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

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